Support Local Business…NOW!

I am so bummed right now.  For years I’ve thought as soon as my daughter is old enough I can have her birthday party at Emmi Beads and with her birthday coming up fast I went online and found out a terrible, terrible thing – they are closing.

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Now, I admit I did not help to keep them in business.  I am not crafty.  But I always thought it would be great to go with my daughter when she was old enough to appreciate it (a/k/a sit down and not stab anyone with the wire).  Emmi Beads has always been a great supporter of my school’s PTA events (Kim, the owner, donated generously to all of our Basket Bonanza Fundraisers). I feel so guilty – I know the added patronage of one person would not have made the difference for Emmi Beads – but how many other small businesses in the area have I passively neglected over the years??? And, how many people like me are there?…well meaning, but not putting my money down.

Then I read The Electric Company in Utica is closing.

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And Just days later….the Observer Dispatch prints:

Fiscal concerns lead to end of Utica Monday Nite summer series

Utica is a lovely city…my history loving 11 year old can’t stop telling me how he wants to grow up and become a mega rich entrepreneur and bring Utica back to its glory days.  Every time I drive through West Utica he tells me how he’s gonna bring manufacturing back to Utica. He is 11.  It is nice to know he has an appreciation for history and I hope his visionary thinking isn’t just a childhood whim.


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