Top 10 Best and Worst Games for PC

Top 10 Best Strategy Games for PC as recommended by my almost 12 year old son:

10) Glory of the Roman Empire

9) American Conquest

8) Railroad Tycoon

7) Risk

6) Anno 1503 AD

5) Stronghold Collection

4) Anno 1701 AD

3) Sid Meier’s Pirates!

2) Sims Medieval

1) Anno 1404 Venice

Top 10 Worst Strategy Games for PC:

10) Birth of America

9) East India Company

8) Sid Meier’s Civilization III

7) The Oregon Trail

6) Great Battles of Rome (by The History Channel)

5) Secret of Margrave Manor

4) Hidden Mysteries – The White House (but he like the Titanic)

3) Age of Empires (all of them)

2) Patrician III

1) Port Royale 2


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