Family Farming Vacation in New York State

I am enamored with people who live on farms.  I want to live on a farm.  However, I want to live on a farm with people who know what they’re doing;-) I have no clue.  One of my favorite shows was the Fabulous Beekman Boys who bought a beautiful farm in upstate NY to raise goats, pigs, a llama (love me that Polka Spot). I digress.


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Well, you can vacation on a farm and experience the real deal, complete with animals, plants and professionals!  I’m so excited.  I’m really considering doing this with the kids this summer.

Here are 3 vacation farms I have found so far:

Hull-O-Farms, Durham, NY (about an hour south west of Albany)

Stoney Creek Farmstead, Walton, NY (about 1 hour east of Binghamton)

Country Cousins Farm, Jefferson County, NY (near Watertown)

There are hundreds of them all over the country. There are vineyards and ranches too! To find a vacation farm near you, go to Farm Stay U.S


Farm Fest 2012, Verona, NY

Farm Fest 2012

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I recently visited my cousin in Buffalo. She’s about 10 years my junior, but I can’t help admiring her. In a space behind her home they have this lovely raised bed garden complete with deer fencing. It’s not huge, maybe 50 square feet of planting space. See, I don’t know how to grow anything but mold on bread.  I tried…half heartedly, I admit…but honestly, it’s no fun alone.

The  year before last, I literally went to Home Depot, bought 4 bags of top soil, emptied them onto a patch of sun in the yard and proceeded to plant squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber….and maybe something else…but I forget.  And would you believe…they all grew.  Now, I will admit it got pretty nasty looking in late July and the squash and the cucumbers seemed to have a sexual bent towards one another which created a scary greeny yellow hybrid thing, but the moral of the story is….I grew stuff.

I have higher hopes this year.  I’ve long since written my sons off as garden helpers. They only want to know when they can use the watering can- then their otta there. My daughter is different.  She’s super curious but she also has patience (probably more than me) and I suspect she will truly enjoy the process throughout the summer.

So, with this project looming in my mind, I happen to come across Cornell Cooperative Extensions Farm Fest 2012 to be held rain or shine, Friday, June 1st from 4:30pm to 9pm at Brabant Farms in Verona, NY. Looks like there will be music, games, BBQ and a chance to meet local farmers.  I’ve noticed a huge move towards local fare seeping into our collective consciousness over the last couple years.  Even last night, I was eating a Pink Lady apple (my favorite with unsalted Walnuts) and I said to hubby, “I know this apple put out a huge carbon footprint to get to my mouth this evening, but it taste sooo good!”

Tailor & The CookIt looks so NYC…doesn’t it? Photo Credit

Utica even has a new restaurant based on the eat local trend, The Tailor & The Cook which is getting rave reviews in the blog world and from everyone I talk to – I hear reservations are impossible right now.  I am soo freekin happy for them! I’m so glad they had faith in the area to produce a high quality restaurant.  “If you build it, they will come!”

Maybe I should get to know the Cooperative Extension a little better.

2012 Upstate NY Psychic Fairs

Psychic Fairs, Upstate New York, 2012

If there is an event I am missing, please let me know!

April 14-15, Earth-Spirit Expo (Buffalo), Michael’s Banquet Facility, 4885 South Western Blvd., Hamberg, NY 14075, 10-4

April 21st – Wingate Griffiss Park, Rome NY, 10am – 3:00pm (Fundraiser for the Humane Society)

April 21-22, Depew, Hearthstone Manor, 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY

April 28 & 29,Waterloo, Holiday Inn, Route 414, Waterloo, NY

May 5 & 6, Clayton Psychic Fair, Clayton Opera House, 405 Riverside Drive, Clayton New York 13624, Sat 11-8 & Sun 11-7

May 20th – Beardslee Castle, Little Falls NY, Sun 10:00a – 6:00pm

June 2-3, Rochester, Radisson Hotel, 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester

June 3rd – Mystical Dragonfly’s Pyschic Fair, 8 West St, ILION NY 13357,  Sun 10-6

July 14 – 15, Onondaga Community College, Gordon Student Center, 4585 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215, 10-8

June 16 -17, Moravia, Filmore Glen State ParkAug 11-12, Rochester, Radisson Hotel, 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester

August 18-19, Erie Canal Village Psychic Fair, 5789 New London Rd. RT.49 Rome, NY

Aug 25-26, Depew, Hearthstone Manor, 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY

Sept 8-9, Holiday Inn, Utica Business Park, Burrstone Road

TBA – Watertown, Hilton Garden Inn

October 13 -14, Cortland Psychic Fair  and Holistic Living Expo, Ramada Inn, 2 River St, Cortland, 13045 Sat 10-7 & Sun 10-6

October – TBA, Beardslee Castle, Little Falls

October 20-21, The Dome (Rochester) , 2695 E. Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467, Sat & Sun 10-6

TBA -Canton, NY, Best Western

Nov 3-4, Depew, Hearthstone Manor, 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY

Nov 9,10,11 – Lyons Falls, Edge Hotel

Nov 17-18, Rochester, Radisson Hotel, 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester

Fort Herkimer Church – for kids who like to hear cannons go BOOM!

In the Fall of 2010, I dragged my kids and my husband down the hill to my old stopping grounds … Herkimer County.  Specifically, Fort Herkimer Church to see and hear a re-enactment of a Revolutionary Battle.  They really loved hearing the cannons go BOOM!!!

My pictures don’t do the site justice.  Mrs. Mecomber at New York has beautiful pictures and accompanying descriptions.  I LOVE their website!  They are doing what I would love to do – and their site is extraordinary and a definite labor of love. For a more in-depth history on Fort Herkimer Church, check out the Three Rivers website.