Farm Fest 2012, Verona, NY

Farm Fest 2012

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I recently visited my cousin in Buffalo. She’s about 10 years my junior, but I can’t help admiring her. In a space behind her home they have this lovely raised bed garden complete with deer fencing. It’s not huge, maybe 50 square feet of planting space. See, I don’t know how to grow anything but mold on bread.  I tried…half heartedly, I admit…but honestly, it’s no fun alone.

The  year before last, I literally went to Home Depot, bought 4 bags of top soil, emptied them onto a patch of sun in the yard and proceeded to plant squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber….and maybe something else…but I forget.  And would you believe…they all grew.  Now, I will admit it got pretty nasty looking in late July and the squash and the cucumbers seemed to have a sexual bent towards one another which created a scary greeny yellow hybrid thing, but the moral of the story is….I grew stuff.

I have higher hopes this year.  I’ve long since written my sons off as garden helpers. They only want to know when they can use the watering can- then their otta there. My daughter is different.  She’s super curious but she also has patience (probably more than me) and I suspect she will truly enjoy the process throughout the summer.

So, with this project looming in my mind, I happen to come across Cornell Cooperative Extensions Farm Fest 2012 to be held rain or shine, Friday, June 1st from 4:30pm to 9pm at Brabant Farms in Verona, NY. Looks like there will be music, games, BBQ and a chance to meet local farmers.  I’ve noticed a huge move towards local fare seeping into our collective consciousness over the last couple years.  Even last night, I was eating a Pink Lady apple (my favorite with unsalted Walnuts) and I said to hubby, “I know this apple put out a huge carbon footprint to get to my mouth this evening, but it taste sooo good!”

Tailor & The CookIt looks so NYC…doesn’t it? Photo Credit

Utica even has a new restaurant based on the eat local trend, The Tailor & The Cook which is getting rave reviews in the blog world and from everyone I talk to – I hear reservations are impossible right now.  I am soo freekin happy for them! I’m so glad they had faith in the area to produce a high quality restaurant.  “If you build it, they will come!”

Maybe I should get to know the Cooperative Extension a little better.