MVCC Kids Summer Program

If you live in the Mohawk Valley then you’ve gotten the MVCC Summer Course Catalog in the mail.  I ignored it for a few years, but last year I started looking at it and came to realize my oldest had finally reached the age where he could take advantage of the summer programs they offer.  So, I handed him the catalog and he chose 3 courses.

The first was an Engineering Boot Camp for ages 8-12.  

I wondered about that age range when I signed him up. He was 11 and going into 6th grade at the time and I wondered how he’d fair with 8 year olds – but he’s pretty good natured so I didn’t give it a terrible amount of thought.

He loved the first day!  I wish I had taken pictures – but alas, I did not.  They got in pairs and used erector set type pieces to to build a bridge which they then tested to see if it withstood different loads.  I picked him up that afternoon and he was happy…truly happy! I was so glad (my pushing them to get involved usually ends in failure…like the time I sent his younger brother to summer soccer camp at Washington Mills Park…but that’s another story).

As all good things, his enthusiasm ended…the next day.  I can’t even remember what they did (he can’t either – I asked him) but he was miserable. It got worse from there but he kept going the rest of the week (I was at least gonna teach him to finish what you start!). In writing this post, I asked him to reflect on what changes could be made to the Engineering Camp to make it better.  He decided that reducing class size and breaking up the age groups would make it much better.  He gives this camp  2 out of 5 stars.

Perspective Drawing Class

I can make this short and sweet…he LOVED it! However, I looked at this summer’s course selection and it is not listed.  The class was ages 10-14 (if memory serves me well) and they worked on one drawing (see above) the whole time.  So many times I see him rush trough projects for school or stuff we do at home …like he just wants to get it DONE…with no details or thoughtfulness or revision.  I think for a boy who had just turned 11…he did a really good job. He gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

The last class he wanted to take was something relating to history…only one other person signed up…so it was cancelled.